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A call center solution enables the company to handle customer interactions. Traditionally, call center customer service solutions have been equated with only voice interactions..

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Microtalk provides unique call Center features which save a lot of your bandwidth, and allow you to provide an unparalleled experience to your customers

Contact Center Pricing Plans


  • Interactive multi-level IVR
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Queues
  • Call Recording
  • Mobile app
  • Specialist support
  • Predictive dialler
  • Power Dialler

VOIP ONLY Just Pay for Calls

International Calls & DIDs

  • Use your own dialler or PBX
  • Only Direct Premium Calls
  • CLI Enabled Routes
  • A-Z DID Numbers

* All pricing are excluding VAT.

International Calls & DIDs

  Country Price   Country Price   Country Price
  Singapore CC ₹ 2.774   Malaysia ₹ 1.7   Norway ₹ 1.15
  Japan CC ₹ 4.662   Hong Kong CC ₹ 4.60   Norway Mobile ₹ 2.99
  Netherlands ₹ 1.15   Netherlands Mobile ₹ 2.2   UAE ₹ 13.5
  Germany ₹ 0.46   Germany Mobile ₹ 2.8   Belgium ₹ 2
  Belgium Mobile ₹ 3.5   France ₹ 2   France Mobile ₹ 3.5

Contact Center Features


Outbound Contact Center software is the perfect solution for businesses with large volumes of outgoing calls. With this solution, you can manage call requests, motivate agents, generate high-quality leads, and give great caller experience.


Microtalk is a leading provider of web-based inbound call center software. Our Contact Center platform offers a suite of core inbound call center technologies. It includes ACD with queuing for multimedia contacts and skills based routing, IVR with self-serve options.


Microtalk is an Omnichannel contact center software that improves productivity by facilitating business communications.

Contact Center FAQs

What is call a center software?

The best call center software pulls together main customer communication channels such as phone, email, web chat and SMS into one consolidated interface that’s equipped with professional call center capabilities.
Call center software greatly improves the organization, efficiency and productivity of customer support and sales teams that deal with large numbers of customers.
Virtual call center software allows a team to work entirely online and remote without hardware, but also has many advantages for office-based operations.

What are the benefits of a call center software?

Besides the benefits of the many software integrations and useful features that are accessible with virtual call center software, there are several core advantages for a business that implements call center software.
One of the major benefits is the lower installation and operating costs of a professional business phone system. Virtual call center software requires no hardware or IT technicians, it’s simply downloaded from a browser or as a mobile app (or both) and installed on employees’ existing electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops. On-site maintenance is obsolete, since the software is easily upgraded and typically maintained by SaaS partners like Microtalk.
Since virtual call center software allows for distributed teams working off-site, as well as the services of a third party call center, business operating costs can be lowered even further. This also enables 24/7 customer service and multilingual support—a necessity for companies that serve large international markets.

How can I create a call center?

To create a call center, first choose which kind of business phone setup you want to go for, which will dictate the type of call center software you need to install. You can read our guide through the available options here.
With fully virtual call center software from Microtalk, it’s easy to set up your own professional call center using existing devices and no new hardware. Your second big decision must be whether you want to employ your own staff as call center agents, or an external third-party call center. To fully optimize your call center, make sure your company implements the core call center best practices.
Thoroughly train your agents to use call center software effectively, as well as the necessary phone etiquette, customer support skills, and scripts. This is essential when building a call center with your own team, but equally important when using third-party services. Consistent communication and regular briefings about product changes are vital. Remember to explain security procedures with care, especially when outsourcing your call center work. Agents you’ve never met will be handling confidential and sensitive information, so outsourced call centers should always be vetted for their security policies and practices.
To get started with setting up your very own fully virtual call center, Book a demo with Microtalk. Our cloud-based call center software offers unparalleled productivity features and detailed analytics of all your phone operations from a single intuitive interface. Enjoy dozens of valuable, time-saving and innovative built-in integrations with your existing business tools and apps. Start your trial today to take a peek at what’s possible.

How does call center software function?

Virtual call center software functions through VoIP technology. With VoIP infrastructure, calls are transmitted over an internet connection to suitable electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and VoIP hard phones.
VoIP technology stores data securely in the cloud and allows call center software to integrate with many external SaaS applications from a wide range of specialist companies resulting in an ever-evolving and powerful synchronized business tool. The list of services and solutions that Microtalk call center software integrates with is ever growing, but includes 60+ major CRMs, help desks, marketing software, chat bots, eCommerce platforms, and more.
Basic call center software stores customer data from every inbound call, including new numbers and existing customer history from previous contacts. More advanced software displays CTI pop-ups. These pop-ups sync customer call logs with integrated CRM programs, such as HubSpot, so that a customer repeatedly phoning in doesn't need to reiterate their issue to every new agent.
Modern software can also be set up to route calls to the correct agent in the appropriate department through a customizable IVR menu. Microtalk call center software has many additional features built in, such as smart routing based on agent language capabilities or skill sets, sorting calls into call queues, offering callback options, live call monitoring, call whispering, warm transfers and much more.

What software do call centers use?

If you want to offer your customers superior phone support, call center software is indispensable. Without analytical insights, an effective call queue or routing system, and crucial CRM database syncing, customers will inevitably end up frustrated; left waiting on hold or repeating their issue to different agents.
Good call center software provides agents with customer call history and additional context, helps manage an omni-channel approach, or offers an array of useful organizational or time saving features. Great call center software offers all of these services and more in an all-in-one solution.
There are many types of specialist call center software out there besides cloud phones systems. Some examples include workforce management software, help desk software, CRM solutions, task management software, software offering personalized voicemail, software that specializes in managing multiple communication channels through chat bots, etc. When these solutions are integrated with one another, your call center tech stack will be supercharged.
Some call center software providers offer on-premise solutions, which are useful for companies hosting their own data storage or operating over traditional phone networks.Cloud-based call center software, like Microtalk, is usually offered by external VoIP providers through a SaaS subscription model.