Enhancing Productivity with ILL

A smooth and efficient running of a business, whether large or SME (Small Medium Enterprise) requires steady internet connectivity. Now in this era of the digital world, there is no scope of complacency so a reliable internet connection forms the backbone of an organization which helps them to run at a faster pace and in turn helps them to generate revenue on a large scale.

The IT infrastructure of a company now relies on cloud data servers which helps them to offload the bulk of machinery out of the office space, here comes the requirement of a high-speed medium that helps them to be on the right track at every step of the way.

At this point when most of the organizations are trying to cope because of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, a fast-paced internet connection is the need of the hour to keep on top with the e-conferences, social media management, online research, and what not! Reliable and speedy connectivity help employees connect with the clients and use the essential applications and other online tools which are at their disposal.

As we know the traditional form of internet connectivity which is a broadband internet, is used mainly in households and people who are working on their own. This type of internet connectivity is helpful for students and people who are spending their leisure surfing the web. The other type of connectivity that is in demand by the corporate world is Leased Line internet, this type of connectivity is designed and marketed for organizations which are having more than 10 employees working at the same time.

The sole reason why IT professionals are recommending this type of connectivity can be understood if we dive into the intricacies of the type of connections they are.

A broadband internet connection is a shared connection between the users of the said internet connection, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides the internet connection through fiber optic cables to a distribution center. Now the distribution center divides the initial connection to specific homes that are subscribing to that particular ISP’s connection, this causes an uneven utilization in terms of bandwidth capacity which is available to them. Let’s say a 100 MBPS connection is sent by the ISP and there are 4 users, the users can avail only 25MBPS internet speed if they are logging in to the internet at the same time.

The concept of High-Speed Fiber Internet or Internet Leased Line (ILL) is different, here the connection which is provided is private to the businesses and reserved for them. There is no sharing among the people in the neighborhood. The upload and download speeds are always constant and it is contractually bound by a service level agreement (SLA).

How ILL can help increase business efficiency:


Sending and receiving emails and other important files can become a difficult process if a lot of time is wasted due to a slow internet service. The benefit of ILL comes into action as there is no option of lagging of the internet speed as it is a seamless connection that ranges from 15MBPS to 1GBPS.

The benefit of a fast internet connection is the seamless access of cloud services which can help the employees use web-based software which is required by the organization efficiently


There are instances where certain businesses may have their office space in the prime location of the city but there are equally important branches of the office which are very much useful in outskirts of the city. So, the issue of data transfer from one office to the other becomes a difficult task now if the ILL is used then the connection is provided even to the office in the outskirts.

3. SLA:

Commitment is judged on the delivery of the performance an ISP provides, with the use of ILL a business is assured that there is not a single issue of data packet loss, the disparity in the upload and download speeds. Even if there is any fall in network performance or occurrence of any jitter, the ISP dedicatedly works to restore the connectivity to the promised levels on a priority basis.

4. Cost-Effective:

If any organization is hoping to form another department, they don’t have to get a new internet connection separately, the ILL along with its features can be scaled to the other department as well by simply changing the plan to which the organization has subscribed. So, the organization saves a ton of money being spent on the needless extension of another connection.

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